Enable Picklist mode on wearable computers

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How to enable Picklist mode on 2D wearable scanner like the RS507, RS5000 or RS6000?

Applicable To



RS507 2D

RS5000 2D

RS6000 2D

Resolution / Answer


Picklist mode enables the digital scanner to decode only barcodes that are aligned under the laser crosshair or LED aiming dot.
It allows users to easily select and scan a single barcode from a field of barcodes.

DataWedge for Windows

1. Open DataWedge Settings
2. Select Advanced configuration then Profiles>
4. Select target profile. Example Profile0>
5. Select Input> then Scanner>
6. Select SSI Scanner Driver> (for corded/ cabled scanner) OR
7. Select Bluetooth SSI Scanner Driver> (for Bluetooth scanner)
8. Select Reader Params> then More>
9. Tap on Picklist mode to enable. It is disabled by default.

DataWedge for Android

1. On the WT6000, open DataWedge

2. Select target profile. Example Profile0.

3. Scroll down and select Reader params

4. Select Picklist which is disabled by default.

5. Switch it to Enabled

+ Applicable Products

  • RS5000 Ring Scanner
  • RS507 Cordless Ring Scanner
  • RS6000 Ring Scanner
  • WT41N0 Wearable Terminal Series
  • WT6000 Wearable Terminal