Enable Presentation Mode for LS2208

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Issue / Question

How to enable Presentation Mode for LS2208

Applicable To

LS2208 manufactured after Dec 31, 2014, and other handheld scanners

Resolution / Answer

Select one of the following trigger modes for the scanner.

  • Standard (Level) - A trigger pull activates decode processing. Decode processing continues until the barcode decodes, you release the trigger, or the Decode Session Timeout on page 7-18 occurs.
  • Presentation (Blink) - The scanner activates decode processing when it detects a bar code. Upon entering this mode, the scan line is solid and at full length. After 3 minutes of inactivity, the scan line shortens, and after an hour, blinks. When decode processing is active, the scan line is always solid and at full length.

When the scanner is seated in the Intellistand, presentation trigger mode is automatically enabled. When removed from the Intellistand, the scanner behaves according to the setting of Hand-Held Trigger Mode on top.

If Hands-Free (Presentation) Trigger Mode is enabled, the scanner automatically triggers when presented with a barcode.
If you select Disable Hands-Free (Presentation) Trigger Mode, the scanner behaves according to the setting of Hand-Held Trigger Mode on top regardless of whether it is hand-held or in the intellistand.

+ Applicable Products

  • Symbol LS2208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner