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Issue / Question

How can a user enable Code 128 after enabling Data Capture (Zebra) within the scanner settings?

Enabling the Data Capture (Zebra) option within the Universal Android TE Client, will result in Code 128 barcodes not being able to be scanned. This article will show the user how to correct this.

Applicable To

Android devices running the Wavelink Universal Android TE Client

Resolution / Answer

When using the Universal Android TE Client on a mobile device, the user has the option to Enable Data Capture (Zebra) within the Scanner options.  This will allow the user to configure scanner parameters within the Universal Android Client.  By default, the user will not be able to scan Code 128 barcodes.

The user will need to follow the steps below to enable the Code 128 Symbology.

Start the Universal Android Client on the device
Go in to Emulation Parameters
Go in to Scanner
Put a check mark in the Data Capture (Zebra) field
Go in to Decoder Settings
Scroll down to Code128
Place a check mark in the box next to Enable Plain Code 128
Back out three screens
Select the three dots in the lower right corner
Select Exit

The user should now be able to re-launch the Universal Android TE Client and scan Code 128 barcodes.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC9200 Mobile Computer