Error on connecting to share folder in network after suspend-resume in CE devices

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Issue / Question

Reconnecting to network share after suspend-resume, results in error "Cannot find ‘\\shared-folder’. Make Sure the path or Internet Address is correct." on WEC7 device.

Note: \\shared-folder is shared folder in shared machine.

Issue Details

User gets the error message with the below reproduction steps:

1. Setup Share Drive in Win 7 PC and make sure it is accessible from other devices such as PC, Mobile computers.

2. Connect MC32N0 to WLAN AP.

3. Open Window Explorer in MC32N0 and make sure the address bar is displayed. Input Share folder network URL such as file:// \\shared-folder’

4. The Share folder will display successfully.

5. Leave the device without charging for few minutes for auto suspend. Leave it suspend state for more than 5 minutes.

6. Awake the device with power key pressed.

7. Wait the Network reconnected back and then repeat step 3. The Error message will display the error message

Note: Make sure both Windows PC7 and WLAN is configured for same network.

Applicable To

For all Win CE 7.0 English/Localization

[MC92, WT41N0, MC18, VC70, MC32 – CE devices English and Localization.]

Resolution / Answer

To resolve the issue, merge the following registry into system registry



+ Applicable Products

  • MC18
  • MC3200 Mobile Computer
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • VC70N0
  • WT41N0 Wearable Terminal Series