Exporting Datawedge to load to other devices using StageNow

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Issue / Question

The procedure to Exporting Datawedge to load to other devices using StageNow is fairly lengthy process.

Applicable To

TC80 Android

Resolution / Answer

Activity steps:

On Device:
1. Setup Datawedge according to your needs.
2. Export Datawedge settings: 

  • Select Applications 
  • Select Datawedge icon 
  • Select the icon with the 3 squares on the top right corner of the screen to the right of DataWedge Profiles.  
  • Select settings
  • Select 'Export', you will see a message box open labeled 'Export To .. '  to show the path of where the datawedge.db (database) is exported to. You will be given 2 options ( paths ) to export the 'datawege.db' file to. It is recommend to select second option to export to 'Internal Storage'  which is the  '/storage/sdcard2/android/data/com.symbol.datawedge/files' location
  • Select export button ..a message box will open stating that the file was Exported. 
  • Select ok 

3. Select home button > programs  
4. Select file explorer
5. Search for /'storage/sdcard2/android/data/com.symbol.datawedge/files' location , you will see 'datawedge.db'
6. Connect to the device with USB cable and copy the 'Datawedge.db' to your PC. 
7. You will need to setup StageNow to send this 'datawedge.db' to the following location '/enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport' to import same settings to different devices using StageNow. 
Please note you will not be able to view inside this folder as it has restricted access permissions.

1. Open StageNow on PC.
2. Log into Admin mode.
3. Select create new profile.
4. Set MX to 4.4  .

5. Select 'Xpert mode'   to create new profile, select 'Create' button.

6. Enter name of profile 'DatawedgeExport', select OK 
7. Select Deploy on top right.  
8. Make sure settings is selected on left.  
9. Select 'FileMgr' setting on left .
10. Select the plus sign to add it to the profile. 
11. Will see 'FileMgr' on the right under the deploy label 

12. Select add
13. Enter the path into the target field 
14. Select the circle with the 3 dots in the Source field to navigate to the 'database.db' file on your PC that you exported from your device.
15. Selecting the circle will open this window in which you have to also select the circle with the 3 dots
16. Selecting the circle will open then navigation window to select the 'datawedge.db' file 
 17. Select 'Open' button , then OK 

18. Select 'Continue' button  
19. Select 'Complete Profile' button  
20. Select StageNow check box under Staging Client section 

21. Select 'Test' button to generate bar code 

On Device:
1. Go to: Desktop > Staging icon > StageNow icon > scan bar code to launch process.
2. Once completed, press a power button and reset the device.
3. Once TC80 boots up, you will see the profile added to DataWedge.

+ Applicable Products

  • DataWedge
  • TC20
  • TC25
  • TC8000
  • VC80X