FX7500 Downgrade to the version 1.X.XX is no longer supported

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Issue / Question

How to downgrade FX7500 from the version 2.3.23 or 2.3.14 to 1.3.13 / 1.2.9 / 1.2.44 / 1.2.11 / 1.1.68?

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Resolution / Answer

After updating FX7500 to the version 2.3.14 or higher downgrade to the older versions 1.X.XX is no longer supported as handling of the memory partitions has been changed.

Trying to downgrade from the version 2.X.XX using USB flash driver method might brick the device and the only solution to this would be raising an RMA and sending the device to the repair center.


+ Applicable Products

  • FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader