Instructions for Requesting a Demo License for SimulScan

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How do i get demo license for SimulScan?

When a License is Not Required?

What are general rules for SimulScan licensing ?

What are the license types for SimulScan?

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SimulScan is free for many scanning scenarios, including when used with Zebra's DataWedge service and its default Templates, from a custom app to scan only barcodes, and/or for certain types of optical character recognition (OCR). A per-device license is required for advanced SimulScan features such as detection and capture of checkmarks and for scanning highly complex targets. A complete breakdown is below and shown in the Licensing Matrix.
Demo License
Demo Licenses are available for companies wishing to evaluate SimulScan or while integrating a custom app using SimulScan APIs. To request a demo License to enable SimulScan advanced features and APIs on a device:

A reply will be sent with access credentials for Zebra's Software Licensing Portal, generally on the next business day.

When a License is Not Required
SimulScan is free when:

  • SimulScan is used to scan a fixed number of barcodes fewer than 10 (Multi-barcode mode)
  • No more than 10 barcodes are captured on any single scan
  • Text is captured using OCR-A, OCR-B or MRZ barcode symbologies
  • Capturing the presence of a signature
  • Capturing an image

When a License is Required
A per-device License is required when:

  • Capturing more than 10 barcodes (or other fields) on any single scan
  • The number of barcodes changes from one scan to another (Dynamic or Variable Quantity Groups)
  • Capturing text using optical character recognition (other than OCR-A or OCR-B)
  • Using Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to capture check marks

Licensing General Rules

  • A SimulScan License is required for each device that will access SimulScan advanced features.
  • A Device-specific License is assigned based on a product name and serial number, and will fail if transferred to a different device.
  • A Deployment License works on all devices in a deployment, and is intended for remote- or mass-deployment scenarios.
  • The Deployment License Key is user-generated on the licensing website.
  • Demo licenses are available for evaluation and early integration.
  • A license is not required to use the SimulScan Demo App.
  • A Factory Reset clears the license from the device; license redeployment is required.

License Types

  • SimulScan_MB-PREM - required for advanced barcoding features
  • SimulScan_PREM - required for advanced barcoding features and OCR/OMR


+ Applicable Products

  • SimulScan Document Capture