Pair and Connect RS6000 to WT41N0

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Issue / Question

How to pair and connect RS6000 Bluetooth scanner to WT41N0 CE7.0 mobile computer?

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Resolution / Answer

1. Clean boot RS6000

a) Remove battery.
b) Press and hold the Restore Key.
c) Insert the battery into the RS6000.
d) Continue to press and hold the Restore Key for about five seconds until a chirp is heard and the Scan LEDs flash green.
e) The RS6000 is now in its factory default configuration.

2. On the WT41N0, tap on Start> Programs> BTUI> Pairing barcode
3. Scan the pairing barcode displayed on the WT41N0
4. On 'Confirm Connection', tap Yes to allow the device to pair.
5. A low/ high beep indicates Bluetooth connection established

+ Applicable Products

  • RS6000 Ring Scanner
  • WT41N0 Wearable Terminal Series