RFD8500 SSI over Bluetooth to use the scanner Windows SDK

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How to control and use RFD8500 scanner with Windows DCS SDK over BT SSI

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  • Requirement: 

PC with Windows and Bluetooth. 
Core scanner and DCS windows SDK installed 
RFD8500 with scan engine 

  • Reset the RFD8500 

Press the Bluetooth and Power button for 5 second until you hear the device reboot. 

  • Prepare the PC 

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Devices and Printers. 
Check that the RFD85 isn’t already known by the computer. 
If it is there, do a right click on it and select “Remove device”. 

  • Pair the PC and the RFD8500 

In Devices and Printers window . 
Click on “Add a device” 
Select the RFD8500 and click on “Next” 

  • Settings to use the SDK sample 

Open the Bluetooth Settings (right click on BT icon in task bar). 
Go to the “COM Port” tab. 
Look which COM port is for the SSI. 


Now navigate to “C:\Program Files\Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\Common” 
Open Config.xml is a text editor . 
Modify the serial section (explained at page 32 of the SDK for Windows guide

Save the file. 

Open Windows “Services” (Start and write services)  

In the list find “CoreScanner”  
Double click on it, then “Stop” and “Start” it again. 


  • Using the DCS SDK C# sample 

Open Start -> All Programs -> Zebra Scanner -> Scanner SDK -> C Sharp Sample Application.

Click on “Discover Scanner” 

The RFD8500 appear, you can test the connection by clicking on “Pull Trigger”, this will turn on the scanner, if a barcode is decoded the results will be visible on the left. 



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