RS507 SPP Mode Slave - Pair and Connect with a Windows 10

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Issue / Question

How to pair and connect a RS507/ RS507x in SPP mode - as a Slave with a Windows 10?

Applicable To

RS507, RS507x

Resolution / Answer

SPP connection with RS507 as a Slave

A. Configure RS507/ RS507x for SPP Mode

1. Perform Clean Boot (see Clean Boot on page 167 of the RS507/ RS507x Product Reference Guide. Download File>>
   1.1 Remove the battery from the RS507.
   1.2 Press and hold the Restore key.
   1.3 Install the Battery onto the RS507.
   1.4 Keep holding the Restore key pressed for about five seconds until a chirp is heard and the Scan LEDs flash green.

2. Scan SPP bar code. (also available from page 181 of the RS507/ RS507x PRG)

3. Perform a Cold Boot by removing and re-installing the battery onto the RS507. The RS507 starts to operate and is discoverable as a Bluetooth serial device (like a Camera).

B. On Windows 10 (Microsoft Bluetooth)

1. Right click the Bluetooth icon and select Add a Bluetooth Device

2. Select [+] Add Bluetooth or other device

3. Select Bluetooth (mice, keyboards, pens, or audio and other kinds of Bluetooth devices)

4. Select the RS507 (Bluetooth Camera icon)

5. Wait for the connection and setup to complete

6. Once device is paired and ready, we can now check the assigned COM ports.

7. Right click the Bluetooth icon and select Open Settings

8. Open 'More Bluetooth options'

9. Click the COM Ports tab and take note of the assigned outgoing 'Serial Port'. Example COM9.

10. To test, we can use TeraTerm. Read More>>
11. Open TeraTerm, select Serial and the virtual COM port set for the RS507 connection. Example COM9.

12. RS507 will produce a low/high beep if connected.
13. Scan barcodes. Successful decoding of a barcode is indicated by one green flash of the Scan LEDs and a high beep sound. In case of Bluetooth disconnection, the RS507 emits one high beep followed by four low beeps.

+ Applicable Products

  • RS507 Cordless Ring Scanner