Remap Scan button using StageNow Tool

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Issue / Question

How to remap the volume+ button as a scan button using StageNow?

Applicable To

TC70 Lollipop

Resolution / Answer

This article provides a way to remap another key to function as a scan button. As an example, will remap the volume+ to scan.

  1. Create a profile using MX version 5.0
  2. Select Expert Mode
  3. Add KeyMappingMgr
  4. Choose a key to modify. Example Volume Up
  5. Set Key Behavior to Send key-code
  6. Set Key-code to Button L1
  7. Go next up to Publish and generate either a 1D or 2D barcode. See below example.
  8. Scan the StageNow barcode using the StageNow client on the Zebra TC70 Android device.

+ Applicable Products

  • TC70