Resolve B10 XSlate Touch / Pen Issue after OS Upgrade to Windows 10 version 1809 or higher

Article ID: 04294956

Issue / Question

When upgrading from Windows 10 [1803] to Windows 10 [1809 or 1903], customers are experiencing issues with touch and pen after the installation process. After upgrade (very frequently) there is no touch on a warm-boot (reboot).

Applicable To

B10 XSlate

Resolution / Answer

We are working closely with Microsoft to identify the source of the problem and acquire a fix for this operating system issue

Recommended Action
As soon as we have identified and verified the solution, Zebra will release a fix to our customers. It is also likely the solution will be incorporated into future Microsoft Windows Updates.

Q. Is there a workaround?
Currently, there is no known workaround.

Steps to prevent issue
The customer can defer any automatic Microsoft updates by following the procedure below

Defer feature updates in Windows 10

This feature can be enabled for up to 356 days.

+ Applicable Products

  • XSlate B10