Scanner SDK/CoreScanner for Windows silent uninstall

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How to silently uninstall CoreScanner for Windows after removing Scanner SDK

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DCS Scanner Windows SDK

Resolution / Answer

Reference the section ‘Silent Unattended Installation of the Scanner SDK’ in the Zebra Scanner SDK for Windows Developer’s Guide 

An uninstall of the Zebra Scanner SDK for Windows does not remove the prerequisite Zebra Corescanner driver. Corescanner can be removed using a separate uninstall operation.

1. Download and decompress the appropriate 32 or 64bit Corescanner setup program from support and downloads on

2. On a PC with Corescanner already installed, use the -r and -f1 switches to record your responses to the setup prompts into a custom response file.
For example:

“Zebra_CoreScanner_Driver_(32bit)_vx.yy.zzzz" -r -f1"c:\path\corescannerremove.iss"

3. You may then use the resulting .iss response file with the -s and -f1 switches to perform a silent/unattended removal of the Corescanner driver on remaining PCs.
For example:

“Zebra_CoreScanner_Driver_(32bit)_vx.yy.zzzz" -s -f1"c:\path\corescannerremove.iss"

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  • Scanner SDK Windows
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