Search and Replace Group Separator

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Issue / Question

Customer would like to search and replace the group separator <GS> with a printable character. Example asterisk (*)

Applicable To

Workabout Pro 4, MC3100, MC67ND, MC67NA Premium, MC67NA Base, MC9090 CE, MC9090 WM, MC70, MC3000, MC3200, MC9200, MC65, MC9190-G, MC55N0, MC50A0

Resolution / Answer


In some cases, a customer would like to replace or remove the Group Separator <GS> embedded in their barcodes. A <GS> is a non-printable character to separate parts of a barcode which do not have a fixed length.

In the below GS1-128 sample bar code, the Application Identifier (AI240 indicates that the GS1 AI data field contains additional item identification which is variable in length up to 30 characters.

As per the GS1 General Specifications, all Element Strings of variable length must be delimited when followed by another Element String in a single bar code. The delimiter shall be a Function 1 Symbol Character (FNC1) which is transmitted in the decoded data string as <GS> (ASCII character 29, seven-bit character set ISO 646).


In DataWedge with log level set to Data, you can save to a text file, DWLog.txt, the data read from the input scanner or imager. Scanning the above sample barcode shows the <GS> = ^]


In DataWedge, enable Advanced Data Formatting (ADF) and create a Rule to find the string \x1d and replace it with an asterisk.

Make sure the action 'Send remaining' is placed last. See example below. Save and exit DataWedge.

At this point, the <GS> will be replaced with an asterisk.


+ Applicable Products

  • MC3000 Mobile Device
  • MC3100 Mobile Computer
  • MC3200 Mobile Computer
  • MC55A0
  • MC55N0
  • MC65 Mobile Computer
  • MC67 NA Mobile Computer
  • MC67NA Base Model Mobile Computer
  • MC67ND Mobile Computer
  • MC70 Mobile Computer
  • MC9090 CE Mobile Computer
  • MC9090 WM Mobile Computer
  • MC9190-G Mobile Computer
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer