Setting a carriage return in a RFD8500 in 123scan

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How to set a carriage return using 123scan for RFD8500

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To set a carriage return in for a RFD8500 in 123scan

  • In the profile go to Modify data.
  • In Modify data select "Append an enter key: Adds an Enter Key to the end of the scanned data.
  • Select done once changes are made.


  • Exit out of 123Scan2 app and disconnect USB cable from RFD8500.
  • Turn off the RFD8500
    • a) To reboot, press and hold the power button on right side for 5+ seconds. 
    • b) You should hear a quick beep, follow by descending beeps about 2 seconds after that. The power LED will also turn off.
  • Reconnect to mobile or PC once done.

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