VC80 Scancode Remapping Using My-T-Soft Setup

Article ID: 20171831

Issue / Question

How to remap bezel keys to perform key-combo (aka shortcut or hotkey)?

This article provides a way to setup Macro using My-T-Soft Setup

Applicable To

VC80 Windows OS

Resolution / Answer


1. Open VCControlPanel (there should be a short-cut from desktop)

2. Click on Bezel Keyboard

3. Enable 'Use My-T-Soft macro mapping’ (slide the switch from left to right)

4. Close VCControl Panel 
5. Open My-T-Soft (there should be a short-cut from desktop)

6. Open Menu

7. Select My-T-Soft Setup

8. If prompted for password (Operator Security enabled), type in default password PASS (not case sensitive)

9. Click on Build-A-Macro

10. Under 'Select Macro Panel' select ‘VC80 - Zebra VC80 Macro Panel

11. Click on desired Macro Key (example M1)

12. Click on Zoom for Advanced Macro Editing. Here you will create your keystroke Macro.

13. Delete existing value for Keystroke Macro

14. Use the up-and-down arrows to select the appropriate keystrokes. In this example will map M1 = ALT+TAB. Double-click on Alt-Down to insert the keystroke (i.e. pressing the Alt button down).

15. Now, double-click on the Tab.

16. To release the Alt button double-click on Alt-Up.

17. Click on the OK button.

18. Verify your action.

19. Click on the OK button.

20. When prompted to save, click on Yes button.

At this point, the bezel key M1 is mapped to ALT+TAB

21. Click on OK button to close Macro setup then click on Exit button to close My-T-Soft setup

+ Applicable Products

  • VC80 Vehicle-mounted Computer