Velocity - Remapping a Function Key to Send a Unique Escape Sequence

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Issue / Question

Customer migrating from TelnetCE to an Android device running Velocity. Need to bring over a KeyMacro for the F5 key.

Applicable To

Ivanti, Velocity, Function Key, Wavelink, Emulation, Android, Mobile Devices, Key Macro, Script
VC8300, TC 5x Series, TC 7x Series, All Touch Terminal Emulation, TC 8x Series, WT6000, MC Series, VC80X, VC80

Resolution / Answer

Remapping a Function key in Velocity requires that you know the HEX value for the Function Key to be remapped.  You can get this HEX value by going to the following link on Ivanti's web page:

This link will list all the Velocity Keyboard Codes for each Emulation Type.
In this Article, we are only concerned with the VT220 F5 Key.  The list below shows all the VT220 Function Keys:

The highlighted line is for F5.  The HEX value associated with F5 is E03F

Now that we know the HEX value for the Function key we are modifying, we will now go to the Velocity Console to bring in a pre-loaded Velocity Script:

In the Velocity Console, select Scripts:

You will now select Library from the Project Scripts window:

This will bring up a list of pre-loaded Scripts that you can select from.

Highlight the Key Macro Script and press OK:

You will now have the Key Macro Script in your Script window:

Click on the box to the left of Key Macro.  This will put a check in the box.

Select Link to link this Script to your Project.

You will see the following window:

Select OK to link the Script to all screens in your Velocity Project.

You will now be able to configure your Key Macro Script using the F5 HEX value that we found earlier:

In the HEX Code field, key in E03F
(E03F is the HEX value for F5)

In the New Value field you can put in your custom VT Escape Sequence.
Escape Sequences usually start off with ESC and then then have a series of symbols and numbers.
We will use ESC[15~ as our VT Escape Sequence.
We need to following the format outlined in the Script to the right of the New Value field.  This uses the following format:
The Escape value is 001B
The remainder of the characters can be typed.
So our New Value will be:

Here is what the Script will look like:

Save your Project:

Then select Deploy to create your new .wldep (Deployment) file:

Sent the newly created .wldep file to your Mobile Device for testing.

+ Applicable Products

  • 7530 G2 Mobile Computer
  • 8515 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • 8525 G2 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • 8530 G2 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • 8585 8595 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • EC30
  • EP10 Mobile Computer
  • ES400 Enterprise Smartphone
  • EWP2000 Mobile Computer- Voice over WLAN
  • Hand-Held Computers
  • IKON Devices
  • M60
  • MC1000 Mobile Computer
  • MC17
  • MC18
  • MC1x Personal Shopper Series
  • MC2100 Mobile Computer
  • MC3090 Mobile Computer
  • MC3100 Mobile Computer
  • MC3190-Z RFID Reader
  • MC3200 Mobile Computer
  • MC3300
  • MC3300R Series
  • MC3330R
  • MC3390R
  • MC36 Mobile Computer
  • MC40
  • MC40 Mobile Computer Series
  • MC40-HC
  • MC45 Mobile Computer
  • MC45 NCF
  • MC55 Mobile Computer
  • MC55 Mobile Computer Series
  • MC55A0
  • MC55A0-HC
  • MC55N0
  • MC55X
  • MC55X-HC
  • MC65 Mobile Computer
  • MC67
  • MC67 Base
  • MC67 Dual WAN
  • MC67 Mobile Computer Series
  • MC67 NA Mobile Computer
  • MC67NA Base Model Mobile Computer
  • MC67ND Mobile Computer
  • MC70 Mobile Computer
  • MC75 3.5G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
  • MC75A HF RFID Reader
  • MC75A Mobile Computer
  • MC75A0-HC Mobile Computer for Healthcare
  • MC9090 CE Mobile Computer
  • MC9090 WM Mobile Computer
  • MC9090-G RFID Reader
  • MC9090-Z RFID Reader
  • MC9097 Handheld Mobile Computer
  • MC9190-G Mobile Computer
  • MC9190-Z RFID Reader
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • MC9300 Mobile Computer
  • MC9500-K Mobile Computer
  • ML900 Mobile Computer
  • ML910 Mobile Computer
  • NEO Devices
  • Omnii RT15 Mobile Computer
  • Omnii XT10
  • Omnii XT15
  • Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series
  • Omnii XT15f
  • Omnii XT15ni
  • PS20
  • RFD2000 RFID Sled
  • RFD5500 RFID Reader
  • RFD8500 RFID Reader
  • RFD8500i UHF RFID Sled
  • RFID Hand-Held Reader
  • RS309-HP2000FLR
  • RS309-HP2000FSR
  • RS309-HP2000ZSR
  • RS409-SR2000ZLR
  • RS409-SR2000ZZR
  • SB1
  • SB1 Smart Badge Series
  • SB1-HC
  • TC20
  • TC25
  • TC51
  • TC51-HC Mobile Computer
  • TC52 Touch Computer
  • TC52 and TC57 Series Touch Computer
  • TC52-HC
  • TC55 Touch Computer
  • TC56
  • TC57 Touch Computer
  • TC70
  • TC70x
  • TC72 Touch Computer
  • TC72 and TC77 Series Touch Computer
  • TC75
  • TC75x
  • TC77 Touch Computer
  • TC7x Touch Computer Series
  • TC8000
  • TC8300
  • VC5090 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • VC6000 Vehicle Mounted Computer
  • VC6090 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • VC6096 WWAN In-Vehicle Mounted Computer
  • VC70 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • VC70N0
  • VC80 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • VC80X
  • VC8300
  • VH10 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • VRC3910 Mobile Computer
  • Vehicle Mounted
  • WT4000 Wearable Mobile Computer
  • WT4090
  • WT41N0
  • WT41N0 VOW
  • WT41N0 Wearable Terminal Series
  • WT6000 Wearable Terminal
  • Workabout Pro 3
  • Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer