WAP4 BooSt Script - Erase Application and Flash Disk Partition

Article ID: 42786994

Issue / Question

How to completely wipe the WAP4 mobile computer including Application and Flash Disk partitions?

Applicable To

Workabout Pro 4 (WAP4)

Resolution / Answer

WAP4_FactoryDefault_erase Application and Flash Disk folders_CleanBoot_3_Signed_Script_Rename_7528.zip Download Files>>
This script is intended to be used on WAP4 device to clean boot and erase the contents of the "Application" and "Flash Disk".
Once this script is run there is no recovery of the "Application" or "Flash Disk" contents.

Installation Instructions:

1. Confirm that the image is named 7528os.img and copy it to a microSD or USB storage device. 
2) Remove or rename any other file on the storage device named 7528os.img.
3) Ensure that the main battery is well charged, or the device is in a powered docking station.
4) Insert the storage device.
5) Boot the device into BooSt by pressing and holding the Blue + Power + Front Scan button for 7 seconds.
6) The BooSt script will run and report when it is complete. Do not remove the storage device or power until the process has been successfully completed.

+ Applicable Products

  • Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer