Write to RFID Tag Using Zebra 123RFID Mobile for Android Device

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Can the MC3300R be used to encode data to RFID tags?

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RFD2000 (TC20 RFID)

RFD8500 (Host Android)

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The Read/Write access operation is simplified, where the offset and length fields are hidden. Users can tap the advanced options icon to see the offset and length fields. Tap the icon again to hide the advanced options. Memory Bank options have extended menu options to choose a specific area of the memory bank. This avoids typing of offset, length, and so forth. 

The following are available Read and Write options:

  • Tag ID & Password values are in hex. Tag ID is edited
  • Memory Bank options - EPC, TID, USER, PC and CRC, Access Password, Kill Password
  • Offset and Length values are in 16-bit words. This is only available after tapping the Advanced Options icon. To toggle visibility, tap Advanced Options again.
  • Access operation screen maintains edited tag ID.


NOTE The Tag Pattern area is automatically filled in when a tag is selected/highlighted in the Inventory screen. Inventory must be stopped prior to Read/Write.

General Steps:

  1. Launch 123RFID Mobile.
  2. Select Access Control.

  1. If a tag was selected from Inventory, the Tag Pattern area is automatically filled.

  1. Enter new data in the Data area. For this example, when tapping on READ, we get the following data:

Then we edit the data value to:

  1. Tap WRITE. You should get the "Write succeed" message. Otherwise, bring the tag closer and change the tag orientation to the RFID mobile reader. For example, MC3300R.

  1. Use Inventory to check the new data.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC3330R
  • MC3390R