CE7 - Wavelink SSL Addon Lost After Cold Boot v1

Article ID: 83260522

Wavelink SSL ActiveSync add-on v1.61-00 does not persist across a cold boot on MPA3 devices running CE7 (MC92N0, VC70N0 or the WT41N0)



After installing the Wavelink SSL add-on v1.61-00, the device can connect to host over SSL. Once a Cold Boot is performed, the WL/TN client shows a message saying that the add-on needs to be installed. 



Wavelink SSL add-on v1.61-01 has been released by Wavelink which resolves this issue. The latest version of the Wavelink SSL add-on can be downloaded from the Wavelink Website.( Read More>>)

+ Product Codes

  • MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • VC70N0
  • WT41N0