LI4278 Open Bluetooth Connection Instructions to an iPad

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How do I pair an LI4278 to an iPad?






The iPad virtual keypad toggle feature is only available with LI4278 firmware PAABIS00-002-R00 or higher.  Scan the Report Firmware bar code with the scanner connected to a host to have the scanner report its firmware revision.

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Need to pair an LI4278 directly to an iPad and still use the iPad keyboard.

1.   On the LI4278 scan Set Factory Defaults:
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2.   The following bar codes MUST be scanned before the LI4278 is paired to the iPad: 
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3.  On the iPad in Settings Enable Bluetooth

4.  Choose the LI4278 from the available devices.  The serial number should assist in identifying the scanner.

5.  Tap the LI4278 to select it

6.  The iPad automatically connects to the scanner.  The scanner should issue a short low short high beep indicating a successful connection.  The scanner is now connected as a keyboard device and can be tested in any application that accepts keyboard   input such as Notes.

7.  A quick double pull of the trigger will open or close the iPad keyboard while in the application.

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