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Using the MC92N0 with the 5250 keyboard the user has to press the ENT key to connect to a host instead of the FIELD EXIT key as they did for the MC9090 and MC9190



MC92N0 The FIELD EXIT key on the MC92N0 sends a scan code of 001B instead of a 000A (FIELD EXIT) or 000D (Enter) before being connected to a 5250 host.

Root Cause


Wavelink has updated the default scan codes for both the Field Exit and ENT key. The correct scancode that the FIELD EXIT key should send is a 000A but the current scancode being sent is a 001B which cannot be used to connect to a host server. On older devices such as the MC9090 and MC9190 the FIELD EXIT key on the 5250 keyboard would send a 000D before being connected to a host, as well as after, in order to allow the users to press this key instead of the ENT key when prompted to "Press [ENTER] to connect". Once the MC92N0 is connected to a 5250 host then the 5250 keyboard sends the correct scancodes for both the FIELD EXIT and ENT keys.



This issue has been resolved for the MC92N0 with the release of the following clients.
Wavelink TE Client v7.3.175 for the MC92N0 running WM 6.5 OS
Wavelink TE Client v7.3.183 for the MC92N0 running CE 7 OS

Please Note:
The link ( Read More>>) will take you to the Wavelink TE client download page for the MC92N0. If a newer client is available it is recommended to download and install the latest client as the client version listed here is just to advise the first version of the TE client that resolved the issue.

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