Omnii XT15 - RS507 Cordless Ring Imager Bluetooth Pairing

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How to pair the RS507 in HID mode to an Omnii device like the XT15

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Omnii XT15


The RS507 appears to be paired to the computer (Omnii XT15) but when you scan no barcode data is transmitted. 

This article provides a way to pair the RS507 cordless ring imager to an Omnii device like the XT15. It utilizes the Bluetooth HID profile.

Human Interface Device (HID) Mode

In HID mode, the RS507 is connected over Bluetooth to a computer as a keyboard device. The computer decodes the
emulated key strokes sent by the RS507. The scanned data can be received by any Windows application that
accepts keyboard data.


1. Perform Clean Boot to the RS507
   1.1 Remove the battery from the RS507
   1.2 Press and hold the Restore key

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   1.3 Install the battery onto the RS507
   1.4 Keep holding the Restore key pressed for about five seconds until a chirp is heard and the Scan LEDs flash green

2. Scan the HID bar code

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3. Perform a Cold Boot by removing and re-installing the battery onto the RS507. The RS507 starts to operate and is discoverable as a keyboard.

4. Discover the RS507 from the Omnii XT15 Bluetooth manager

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5. Tap and hold on the discovered RS507 to display the context menu then select Pair.

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6. Enter default passcode = 12345

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7. Select Input Device then hit Done.

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8. If the RS507 is successfully paired. It will be displayed in bold format under Paired tab.

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9. At this point, data can be scanned into any Windows application field that accepts keyboard data; for example, the WordPad.

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Automatic reconnection

The RS507 maintains BT communication with the connected device within a range of 10 meters (30 feet). When the RS507 fails to establish connection or connection is lost during operation:
1. The RS507 emits one string of low/high beeps.
2. The RS507 automatically attempts to reconnect to the computer for 30 seconds (the Scan LEDs flash green).

Manual reconnection to Restore Lost Bluetooth Connection
If automatic re-connection fails, verify that the RS507 is within BT range and briefly press the small Restore key on the side of the RS507 to reconnect.
1. The RS507 Scan LEDs start to flash green, indicating that the RS507 is attempting to establish connection with the computer.
2. The Scan LEDs turn off and the RS507 emits one string of low/high beeps indicating that the RS507 is connected and ready for scanning.

NOTE: When the RS507 is in HID connection mode, pressing the Restore key after any RS507 boot reconnects the RS507 to the last paired device. Connection is established as long as the link key (the authentication key used to establish a link between devices) on the RS507 side is not deleted.

+ Applicable Products

  • Omnii XT15
  • Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series
  • Omnii XT15f
  • Omnii XT15ni
  • VH10 Vehicle-mounted Computer