ET50 ET55 Recommended charging methods

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ET5x charging through Side Micro USB port and charging options

Applicable To

ET50 ET55

Resolution / Answer

Charging from Micro USB

  • Charging the battery through Micro USB is very slow at a max power rate of about 9 watts
  • If charging this this method "overnight" charging will be needed
  • Charging when the ET5x is powered on will be extremely slow, and may not fully charge the battery if the ET50 power use is high
  • For faster charging power the ET5x off to prevent power drain while charging
  • It will not charge the optional spare battery Powerpack through Micro USB
  • It is not a rugged charge connector and is not recommended for normal use as the USB connector may experience wear a faster rate

Recommended Charging Methods

The recommended charging method for the ET5x is to use a cradle or the rugged charge connector such as these options below from the ET50 ET55 Accessories guide which will fully charge a tablet in 3.5 to 4 hours

  • CRD-ET5X-SE4CO1-01 : ET5X 4-Slot Charge Only 
  • CRD-ET5X-1SCG1 : ET5X 1-Slot Charge Only Dock 
  • CRD-ET5X-1SCOM1 : ET5X 1-Slot Charge and Communication Dock 
  • CRD-ET5X-1SCOM1R : 1-Slot Dock with Rugged IO Adapter 
  • CHG-ET5X-CBL1-01 : Rugged Charge Connector (Charge dongle)  

* The cradle specific power supply and country specific cables are also required 


+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET55