Firmware Downloading For The G-Series, LP/TLP2824 Plus, & HC100 Desktop Printers

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Firmware upgrade information

Where do I get printer firmware and how do I upgrade the printer firmware

Applies To

Zebra Desktop Printers

2824 Plus


The latest firmware for you printer can be downloaded from and then navigating to your printer on the Service & Support page. Read More>>

Locate the Firmware Tab on your printer's support page and note the firmware version available. If there is a later version of firmware you can read the Release Notes and determine if you wish to upgrade your printer. 

Download the firmware file and determine the method you will use to communicate the file to the printer. 

We have a document that discusses your communication options. Read More>>

Note: Before beginning the file download make sure the printer media and ribbon (if used) is loaded and the printer is powered on.