How do I install a certificate to my Windows CE or Windows Mobile based device?

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How do I install a certificate to my device?


Your certificate based application needs a certificate installed to the device and is not working


Installation of Certificates to Windows Mobile Based Devices

If you want to create a registry file or clean boot persist the certificate, follow the Windows CE instructions instead but instead use the below instructions when it comes time to Configure the settings you want to persist.
  1. Copy the CER file to your device
  2. Using File Explorer on the device find the file you copied to the device
  3. Tap on the file
  4. Tap OK

Installation of Certificates to Windows CE Based Devices

Download RemCapture to capture settings on the device. ( Read More>>)

Once you’ve installed RemCapture on your PC:
  1. Review all the articles in the short Help file in the “Motorola Remote Capture v2.0” program group,
  2. Cold boot the device
  3. ActiveSync the device
  4. Run Remote Capture
    • Select View => Exclusions => Registry
      • Under each HKEY section, delete the branches of the registry that are listed
      • Save & Exit
    • Press the green plus “+” in the upper left.
  5. On the device: Configure the settings you want to persist:
    • Copy your CER Files to the device
    • Click Start
    • Settings
    • Control Panel
    • Certificates
    • Import
    • Find the certificate and follow the prompts to install the certificate
    • Tap “OK” to close the certificate window
  6. In Remote Capture
    • Press the yellow minus “-“ in the upper left.
    • Press the “Save” diskette icon to save the resultant information to your PC.
  7. In Windows Explorer on your PC, Navigate to where you saved the information and copy the files to the device’s “\Application” directory

After you’ve completed these steps, cold boot the device and confirm that the certificates were installed automatically.

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