How to Avoid HotSync Timeout Errors?

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How to Avoid HotSync Timeout Errors?


The Palm Desktop software can only sync 1 device at a time.


When trying to HotSync, the host PC may not be responding to the sync request or is currently trying to sync other Palm devices.

Certain steps need to be implemented to avoid timeouts.
  1. Open the HotSync application. (Tap it from the Applications screen; do not press the HotSync button on the cradle.)
  2. Press and hold down the up and down scroll buttons of your SPT.
  3. Continue to hold the up and down scroll buttons, and tap the far upper-right corner of the screen.     
  4. A message stating "DLServer Wait Forever is ON" will appear.
  5. Release the scroll buttons.
  6. Tap OK.
  7. While still in the HotSync application, place the SPT in the cradle, and press the HotSync button.
This feature will be disabled after you power-off the SPT, or after you perform a HotSync.  You will need to activate it each time that you receive a "timeout" error.


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