How to Configure RF Network Settings on the MC3070

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How to Configure RF Network Settings on the MC3070




The Symbol MC3070 does not use Mobile Companion to configure its RF network settings.  Instead, it uses Windows Zero Configuration (WZC). 

The procedure to set up the RF network settings on the MC3070 differs from the norm, as it does not use Mobile Companion. 
  1. Click the PCI/PHOTON1 icon in the windows taskbar and select the “Wireless Information” tab.
  2. If your RF network is not listed in the text box, click on the “Add new” button, otherwise, double-tap the RF network you wish to connect to and that RF network’s wireless properties will be displayed.
  3. By default WEP is selected as an encryption scheme and Authentication is Open. The “key is provided automatically” check box is enabled. 
  4. To program a WEP key, clear the “The key is provided automatically” check box and enter your custom 26 digit key.
  5. In order to use TKIP for encryption, you must change the Authentication selection to WEP or WPA-PSK.  This will enable the TKIP option in the Encryption drop down box. 
  6. If you wish to use EAP or PEAP, you must check the “Enable the 802.1x authentication check box and then select the EAP type. 

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