How to Enable ZPL or Line Print Mode on Mobile Printers

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Enabling ZPL printing or Line Print mode on Mobile printers.

Applicable To

Zebra Mobile Printers. excluding the MZ Series, EM220 Seies, ZQ110.

Note: ZQ500 Printers do not support EPL. QLn Printers support EPL starting with firmware version V68.19.7Z.

Resolution / Answer

NOTE Zebra Setup Utilities should be installed for the procedure to be followed properly. You can also use any other utility that allows you to send a file down to the printer as the procedure requires a command to be sent to the printer to enable ZPL print mode or Line print mode.



Zebra's lines of mobile printers come with several different language capabilities. By default, CPCL is always enabled even if another language is enabled.  

NOTE CPCL is not supported if set to "epl_zpl". This is the default for healthcare QLns.

You can choose to monitor for additional languages depending on your specific project needs. Zebra tabletop and desktop printers use ZPL, so it may be advantageous to have your printer monitor for ZPL. Alternatively, line print mode allows for immediate printouts of all received text without the need to worry about formatting or formal language commands.  

To enable device languages the following commands should be issued.  You can send these commands to any listening port on your printer (USB, TCP/IP port 6101, Bluetooth, etc.).  

In this example, we use Zebra Setup Utilities (for download, refer to Support and Downloads: Zebra Setup Utilities) and a USB connection. 

  1. Connect the printer to the desktop via USB cable.  Open up Zebra Setup Utilities, select your printer, and hit Open Communication With Printer.


  1. Enter any of the following commands, followed by the enter key (to insert a carriage return), and then click the Send to Printer button on top.
! U1 setvar "device.languages" "zpl"
! U1 setvar "device.languages" "line_print"


  1. You can check the currently set language with ! U1 getvar "device.languages", followed by a carriage return:


NOTE When enabling the ZPL language support you will have to calibrate the printer using the ~JC command. (The printer media must be loaded and ready to feed labels before calibrating.)

Use the communications window to send the following after the ZPL calibration and save the parameters command.


The printer will feed labels and calibrate to the label length saving the values.

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