How to Program the LS2208 to Send Scanned Data to a Decoder?

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How is the LS2208 programmed to send data to a decoder?


This article applies to any Zebra multi-host scanner that supports Undecoded Scanner Emulation for connection to any decoder box. Consult the appropriate scanner Product Reference Guide for more information. Sample third party decoders are Allen Bradley 2755 HP, the HHP Micro Reader Magnetic Check Reader, and the Compsee wedge.


Scanned data is not sent by the LS2208 to Allen Bradley 2755 HP decoder.  The scanner issues four error beeps.

The LS2208 is not correctly programmed or the cable may be incorrect.  The LS2208 should be attached to the decoder using cable part number CBA-D02-C09ZAR.  Program the scanner to communicate with the decode by scanning the Set Defaults and Undecoded Scanner Emulation Host barcodes in order.
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