How to Remove the Zebra Enterprise Out Of Box Magic Profile

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How can I remove the Out of Box Magic profile from fusion? Is there a way to remove the Zebra Enterprise Out of Box Magic Profile?


Out of Box Magic Default WLAN profile can be removed programmatically through the registry. 
Use a tool that allows access to the registry from your PC (Pocket Controller is one) .

  1. Look at the HKLM\Software\Symbol Technologies, Inc.\Profiles on a default device (fresh out of the box, in CE a unit that's been cold-booted or a clean-booted Windows Mobile device) .
- There will only be 1 profile - that is the Out of Box Magic Profile.
- The profiles are stored by GUI, so they will look something like {123456-xxx-xx-x-x-x}.
  1. Create a reg file containing the text below
- Note depending on the Operating System, the path may be slightly different

[-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symbol Technologies, Inc.\Profiles\{xxxx-xx-xx-xx-xx-x}]

Notice the minus sign in the front - that will delete a key

  1. Edit the reg file so that it contains the ID of that profile.

So instead of this:

[-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symbol Technologies, Inc.\Profiles\{xxxx-xx-xx-xx-xx-x}]

It will look something like this:

[-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symbol Technologies, Inc.\Profiles\{C7EFE7B0-9968-E772-8017-945C397BE256}]

To Merge Reg File

  1. Place the reg key in the Application Folder
  2. Click on it to activate immediately (warm boot after).
a. If placing the reg file in the Application folder without merging it manually, the user needs to do a cold boot (CE 5.0) or a clean boot (WM 5.0)for it to take effect and persist.


  1. You must first check the registry to see the full profile key on a given new device (fresh out of the box, in CE a unit that's been cold-booted or a clean-booted Windows Mobile device) as the value is unique to certain fusion versions.
a.  Enterprise engineering is uncertain if Fusion on WM6.1 has unique values per device or if they’re common.
b. - WM 6.5 was inspected on the MC9190 and the profile key was observed to be the same on 2 devices, even after a Fusion upgrade to
  1. If common, than a single key can be pushed to each device.
  2. If unique, a unique removal key will need to be pushed to each individual device.

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