Intermittent delay or printing problems caused by the ZebraDesigner Status Monitor

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When using the ZebraDesigner Driver and printing via a network connection, print jobs may be delayed due to the printer network port being busy.  

Spooler crashes due to undesired port monitor interaction

Printer not communicating due to port monitor incompatibility with an application

Undesired printer status messages are appearing on the screen

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Driver with the Port Monitor installed.

The Port Monitor will be installed if the box is checked during installation or upgrade.

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The Status Monitor regularly checks the printer for current status information. This activity may cause issues or delays as detailed below.

PC Applications

There may be unintended impacts with applications that use functions that interface with the printer to determine status. The Port Monitor may interfere and cause the application to crash or run slow. 

On a Network

When the driver is being used over a network connection, this can have the effect of consuming connection ports that would otherwise be used for accepting print jobs at the printer. If the Status Monitor is in use and you are experiencing a delay in printing, try right clicking over the Status Monitor in the system tray (by the clock) and closing the Status Monitor.

Unexplained Spooler Crashes

There may be unexpected interference between the spooler function and the port monitor resulting in random spooler crashes. 


To determine if this is the cause of your issue try removing the ZebraDesigner Port Monitor.  To remove the ZebraDesigner Port Monitor right click the Status Monitor in the System Tray (by the clock) and close the Status Monitor. If the problem is corrected remove the program using the Add/Remove Programs feature in the Windows Control Panel.


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