KDU Plus Not Detected on ZT Printers

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The KDU Plus will not auto-detect the ZT printer out of the box with the default settings

Applies To

ZT Series Printers using the KDU Plus

Cause or Overview

The KDU Plus communications port is not compatible with the ZT Series printer flow control communication setting.


The KDU Plus flow control setting must be reconfigured to function with the ZT Printer. The  following configuration change must be made on the KDU Plus:

1. Press Setup

2. Press the Up arrow until you see Select Port to Change >Com/Printer<, press Enter again.  Use the right arrow to scroll to FLOW, then use the up arrow to change the setting to XON/XOFF, then press Enter and ESC 2 times.

3. Turn Printer off then on. 

The KDU Plus should now detect the printer.