Label Rotation and Orientation for ZPL based Desktop and Tabletop Printers

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Understanding  rotation of an image or fields on a label printed on a Zebra Printer

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Developing your application using one of the following approaches

  • ZPL 
  • Application using the Zebra Driver


  • If your application is printing through a Windows Printer Driver, you should change the orientation in the application.  Application settings will over-ride driver settings.   The Zebra Designer driver does have a setting for Portrait and Landscape but the application usually will over-ride this setting.  Thus the recommendation to make changes in the application. 
  • If you are writing your own ZPL:

To invert the entire label 180 degrees see the ^PO command in the ZPL Manual Read More>>

Text and barcode orientation can also be changed on a individual bases.  The choices are Normal, Rotated 90 degrees clockwise, inverted 180 degrees, & read from bottom up, 270 degrees.  See the specific text or barcode command in the ZPL Manual  Read More>>.

The ^FW command can be used to set the default orientation for all command fields.  See ^FW in the ZPL Manual  Read More>>.

Zebra also offers a WYSWG label design application that can be used to create the label format as desired called Zebra Designer Read More>>

If you are using a 3rd party label design application, make sure to use that vendors recommended printer driver.  Contact their support with any questions related to using their application.

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