Link OS Mobile Printer - Print Width changes when power is cycled

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Why does my printer default to full width when I cycle power?

Printer width setting is not saving on my mobile printer

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Link OS Mobile printers including the iMZ Series, ZQ500 Series and QLn Series


Link OS printers by design will revert to full width when the printer power is cycled. This is not an issue in most instances since it is common practice to have a print width included in the label format. 

If the application does not include the width in the format and the image is mis-positioned after cycling power you can use a stored format to set the print width when the printer boots up. 

Here is an example of a ZPL Stored Format.

^PWxxxx                        (xxx = the print width in dots) 


The printer will be set to the print width based on the xxx value when power is cycled. 


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+ Product Codes

  • ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers
  • ZQ510 Mobile Printer
  • ZQ520 Mobile Printer
  • iMZ Series Mobile Printers
  • iMZ220 Mobile Printer
  • iMZ320 Mobile Printer