Phone Line has Analog Signal and Dial Tone, but Modem Gets a Busy Signal when SPT17xx or SPT18xx Attempts to Dial Out

Article ID: 46494072


User has an analog signal phone line. It has a dial tone. When trying to dial out with the modem, it gets a line busy/in use indication.

Root Cause

The modem is sensitive to noise. If there is noise on the phone line, Palm devices will assume that the phone line is busy.


In the modem initialize string, use the line quiet command to ignore the noise in the phone line.
  1. From Home, tap menu on the top right hand corner and select system.
  2. Tap the Prefs icon.
  3. Tap on top right hand corner and select Connection
  4. Select the modem setting and tap on “Edit…”
  5. Tap on “Details…” and put the following command into the “Init String:” field: ATS13=0
  6. Tap OK to save, and OK to exit edit.


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