Printer Does Not Go Into Line Mode (EPL1)

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Printer does not go into line mode

Applies To

GC420D with V71.17.13Z FIrmware


Firmware (V71.17.13Z) does not allow the GC420d printer to activate Line Mode printing (EPL1).

EPL1 - Line Mode is available in firmware version V71.17.14Z and later available from the Zebra website.

There are two standard methods to set the printer into this mode:

1. Typically the user would send the OEPL1 in EPL to use Line Mode.

2. Use the current version of Zebra Designer Driver and switch to Line Mode from the Printer Tools Window. Read More>>

Please Note: Line Mode printing is not available on GC420t printer models.

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  • GC420d Desktop Printer