Printer Language Supported on the ZXP Series Printers

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This solution is useful for:

  • Communicating with all the ZXP Series printers
  • Troubleshooting and testing the ZXP Series printers
  • Developers trying to programmatically control the ZXP Series printers

Applies To

  • All ZXP Series printers
  • ZXP Series SDK


The ZXP Series Printers do not have a supported native printer language with which a host can communicate with the printer. This differs from the legacy printers such as the Performance and Value Class Card Printers which support EPCL. The newer card printers rely on a set of support utilities to communicate with the printer. In addition, programmers have a robust SDK that can be used for application development for both models.

ZXP ToolBox, for the ZXP S7, ZXP S8, and ZXP S9, are included with the driver installation. This tool can give you access to ZXP Series 7, 8, and 9 functionality, allow you to query printer information, and perform basic tests. While the ZXP S1 and ZXP S3 do provide a command area in its driver interface, this functionality is limited and may be removed entirely in future firmware updates. EPCL is not supported for the ZXP S1 or ZXP S3

In general, you can find all other tools in our Card Software Developer's page. Read more>>

Each printer model's set of utilities can be found by clicking on the corresponding SDK. Some of the available tools are:

  • Software Development Kits - these SDKs give programmers complete control of a printer through a convenient and consistent interface.
  • ZGT - a tool for the ZXP S7, ZXP S8, and ZXP S9 that parallels ZXP ToolBox but with a larger selection of tests available.
  • PGT - an analog of ZGT for the ZXP S1 and ZXP S3
  • ZXP 7/8/9 Emulator - a fully functioning emulator that interacts with custom software and Zebra tools as if a real ZXP printers were present.