Restoring Factory default settings with Mobile Printers

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How to restore the default factory configuration?

What is the command sequence to restore the default factory configuration?

Applicable To

All Zebra Mobile Printers 

Excludes: ZQ110, EM220, EM220II

Resolution / Answer


There is no single key sequence or command to restore the parameters of the mobile printer to the default factory configuration. This is due to the dependency on files stored in the printer's memory. However, groups of parameters can default with the appropriate command sequence sent to the printer. These groupings include WLAN, IP, Bluetooth, display, and power.

NOTE USB, Serial, Wireless, or Bluetooth is required for sending files or commands to the printer.


Below are the command sequences that can be applied to default the parameters referenced above:


! U1 do "device.restore_defaults" "bluetooth"
! U1 do "device.restore_defaults" "ip"
! U1 do "device.restore_defaults" "wlan"
! U1 do "device.restore_defaults" "power"
! U1 do "device.restore_defaults" "display"

The ZPL parameters can be restored to their factory defaults on the P4T series, RW series, and QLPlus series by deleting the ZPL_CFG.CFG file. This binary file contains the ZPL settings and will be recreated automatically when restarting the printer. The newly created file will contain the binary equivalent of the factory ZPL default settings.

The QLn series and the iMZ allow the ^JUF and ^JUN command to be sent to restore parameters to their factory default condition.


NOTE The iMZ uses line print mode by default.
The following command may need to be adjusted to set the iMZ back to ZPL if necessary.
! U1 servar "device.languages" "zpl"
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