Selecting the correct WaveLink TelnetCE Icon when Configuring AppCenter

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Why does the Wavelink TE icon change after performing a cold boot on a device running AppCenter?


The incorrect WaveLink TelnetCE Icon was selected. The path for this Icon will depend on the version of Wavelink installed on your device but will be one of two possibilities: \Application\Wavelink\TelnetCE.exe or \Application\TE\TelnetCE.exe


Every time a Cold Boot is performed, the WaveLink TelnetCE Icon changes to a File Folder Icon.  If the user logs in to AppCenter as the Administrator and then logs out, the Icon is back to the WaveLink TelnetCE Icon.
  1. Cold boot the device so that AppCenter is running and displayed on the device.
  2. Select Tools/Admin Login
  3. Type in the AppCenter Password.  Default password is Symbol (case sensitive).
  4. Select New from the two folders at the top of the display.
  5. Click on the Icon with the three dots (…) on the top line that says “New Program”.
  6. Use the scroll bar on the right side to come down to the Telnet CE Icon with the W and a circle around it.
  7. Double-Click it and its properties will populate the AppCenter “New” entry screen.
  8. Verify that the Execute path is set to \Application\Wavelink\TelnetCE.exe or \Application\TE\TelnetCE.exe
  9. Click OK.
  10. The Icon will now be displayed in the AppCenter Menu.
  11. Select Tools/Admin Logout to exit out of the Admin mode of AppCenter.


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