Setting the Format Prefix on ZPL printers without LCD Displays

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Topic or Information

Setting the ZPL Language format prefix on printers that do not have an LCD Display.

Applies To

Desktop Printers that support ZPL

Excludes the 2824 Series, 2844 Series EPL Desktop Printers


The Command Prefix is required when using ZPL to allow the printer to identify commands. The default Format Prefix is "^" caret and the default Command Prefix is "~" Tilde. These defaults are typically used in applications but may need to be changed when in specific environments such as when used with an IBM host such as an AS400. If it needs to be altered you can use these instructions for modifying these commands.

The ~CC ZPL command can be sent to the printer to change the format prefix Read More>>

Defaulting the printer will set the format prefix the the factory default setting of 5EH Read More>>

Helpful Information

Zebra offers a Setup Utility or use of the ZebraDesigner Driver for communicating commands and files to the printer. 

Using the ZebraDesigner Driver Read More>>

Using the Zebra Setup Utility Read More>>

ZPL Programming Manual Read More>>