Setting the Inactivity Timeout on Mobile Printers

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Issue / Question

How to change the number of seconds the printer will stay powered on in idle state, or the "Inactivity Timeout", can be modified to suit the needs of the environment it is being used in.

Applicable To

All Wireless Zebra Mobile Printers Not for **ZQ110, EM220, EM220II
** The ZQ110 uses the Unified Mobile Utility to configure the timeout

Resolution / Answer

To set the Inactivity Timeout setting on the printer you will need communication with the printer as well as the ability to send a command/file to the unit to set the parameter  Sending files to Mobile Printers

ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise can also be used to set this parameter, see procedure below.


Our printers come default with the Inactivity Timeout enabled meaning that after a period of sitting idle it will power down.  
The command below can be used to modify this setting or ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise's Set-Get-Do Wizard can be utilized.


Using ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise to Configure the Inactivity Timeout Value on the printer:

1.  Select the printer on the left from the Group Management window once the software detects the printer
Then click on the Tools drop-down in the software's toolbar to open the Set-Get-Do Wizard (SGD):


2.  Once in the Set-Get-Do Wizard click next until you reach the Battery Optimization dialog option.  
You can enter in your values for the Inactivity settings here:


3.  Click Next until you reach the final step of the wizard which should display the command string to be sent to the printer to configure your timeout settings.  
You will also have to enter a Configuration Name which will be saved to the software's Program Files for future use.  This should complete the configuration.


You can also send just the CPCL Command for Setting the Inactivity Timeout:


! U1 setvar "power.inactivity_timeout" "1200"


This would set the Inactivity Timeout to 1200 seconds.  
A lot of environments require that the printer never power down (this will consume more battery power), the command for this is below:

! U1 setvar "power.inactivity_timeout" "0"


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  • EZ320 Mobile Printers
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  • QLn Series Healthcare Mobile Printers
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