The Zebra OPOS Driver Application is now 64 Bit Compatible

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Zebra OPOS Driver supports Windows 8 and 64bit compatibility

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Zebra Printers using the OPOS Driver


Based on successful tests, the latest version (Released 7/2013) of the OPOS Driver can support 64bit and Windows 8 operating systems.

However, both the Zebra OPOS DeviceManager and the Zebra OPOS Test Application are 32bit applications that can run on a 64-bit OS.  Also, the .dlls are 32-bit and so the target architecture for an app needs to be 32-bit. If your OPOS application is set to compile for 64-bit, it might cause errors.  This will be especially evident if the Zebra OPOS DeviceManager and the Zebra OPOS Test Application work but your OPOS application does not.

If you use an earlier version of the driver in a 64 bit system the Zebra OPOS Device Manager and the Zebra OPOS Test Application can install successfully.  However, the following error, "Path given for ZPOSPrinters.xml is invalid" is known to occur when attempting to run the Zebra OPOS Device Manager v1.11.4.8a or below within a 64 bit operating system.


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Remove the older version and Install the latest version of the OPOS Driver, if you encounter this error. 

Note: It is highly recommended to un-install the existing version prior to installing the new version.  Use Control Panel Programs and Features to ensure the previous version is fully removed.

 It may be possible to resolve any errors you encounter starting the Zebra OPOS DeviceManager or the Zebra OPOS Test Application, if you right click either program and choose "Run as administrator" within your Windows operating system.