Uninstalling the ZebraDesigner Driver

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To avoid potential conflicts or installation issues, it’s highly recommended any existing ZDesigner drivers are removed before installing a new version of the driver.


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ZebraDesigner Driver



The ZebraDesigner driver can be removed simply by accessing the list of printer drivers installed on your PC. In Windows XP for example, you can select Start/Settings/Printers and Faxes to access the list of printer drivers. You can then right click the driver and select Delete. The driver and associated files will be removed.

In Windows 7 click the Start button in the bottom left corner and select Device and Printers to access the list of printer drivers.  You can then highlight the driver and click the Remove device option.  The driver and associated files will be removed.  

The Printer Installation Wizard with Version and later can be used to remove all drivers from the computer including drivers staged in the driver store.  Wherever the driver files were inflated, the PrnInst.exe file can be executed to start the Printer Installation Wizard.  This would be the preferred method to remove installed drivers.

1. Navigate to the ZebraDesigner Folder where the Driver was unzipped.

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2. Run the PrnInst.exe file to start the Wizard.

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3. To remove printers: Click the 'Unistall Printer' option.

4. Check the box next to 'Printer name' to select all printers and click Next.  The printers will be removed.

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5. The option to Remove Preloaded Drivers can be used to check for and remove existing instances of Preloaded Driver files from previous versions of the ZDesigner driver.  

6. To remove any preloaded drivers: Run the PRNINST.exe file to start the wizard again. 

7. Uncheck the latest version of the driver if it exists.

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8. Click Next to begin the removal process.

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9. These additional instructions detail how to more thoroughly remove all driver files if issues occur after using the preferred method above.

- Windows XP and below instructions Read More>>

-  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Server 2008 or above. Using the Microsoft Print Management tool is recommended for these operating systems Read More>>