Using StartUpCtl to Auto-Start Wavelink TE client

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How to create OnReset.txt File needed to Auto-Start the Wavelink TE client?


The OnReset.txt file contained in this solution also includes a command that will launch a Splash Screen on the device that will lock out users from being able to access the OS and will close as the Wavelink TE client is launched.


To configure Wavelink to Auto-Launch on Reset:
  1. Download the correct version of the OnReset.txt file for your OS by clicking one of the links below
  2. Copy the file to the "\Application\StartUpCtl\OnReset" folder of the device
    • Since there will be a default file already on the device make sure to select yes when prompted to overwrite the existing file
  3. Cold Boot the device to verify that the Wavelink TE Client automatically launches after the Splash Screen closes.
Always remember to verify the file path of the TelnetCE.exe file on your mobile unit as there may be slight variations to the path contained in the OnReset.txt file in this solution.

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