Why can't I print a QR barcode with an Zebra EM 220 Mobile Printer?

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Printing 2D barcodes on a Zebra EM220 Mobile Printer

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Zebra EM220, EM220II Mobile Printers


The EM 220 supports multiple 2D bar codes, including QR bar codes.  Both the printer programming language of the EM 220 and the EM 220 SDKs allow for printing of QR bar codes.  However, the printer must be explicitly configured to print 2d bar codes.  If not explicitly configured as such, the printer may instead print out EM 220 printer language akin to '2(k1P0Zebra0'.  The easiest way to configure the EM 220 is with the EM 220 utility available at www.zebra.com/utilities.  Once downloaded, run the utility and select the virtual memory switch manager and select all four available 2d bar codes.  

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After applying the settings and exiting the utility, restart the printer.  You can now print QR bar codes to your EM 220. 

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