Wired and Wireless Printers Dropping Off The Network

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Troubleshooting a printer dropping or losing the network connection

 Applies To 

Zebra Printers using a ZebraNet Print Server


This solution is intended to provide help troubleshooting situations where a printer appears to drop off the network or lose the network connection.


Verify that the printer is actually dropping off the network. To do this ping the IP address of the printer from the host subnet when experiencing the connection issue. If not able to print but get responses when pinging the IP address the printer is still online and connected to the network.  It's possible that something has captured the tcp/ip port being used for printing.  This could be caused by network management or security application sending traffic to the IP address of  the printer.  A network trace of all traffic to and from the IP address of the printer would help determine if this is the case.

Also, if the printer is online but still won't print try changing the Time-out Checking value  Read More>>

If the printer is not responding to the pings and returns to normal function when cycling power on the printer then a network trace of all TCP/IP traffic to and from the IP address of the printer is required when the issue occurs.

Helpful Information 

Other questions to consider and provide to technical support for this type of issue:

  • Does the problem only affect certain Zebra printers/print server?  If so, what are the differences?  i.e. firmware version, location, 
  • How often is the problem seen? 
  • Is it at specific times or intervals? (Some application or event might be impacting the connection)
  • When did the problem start to occur? (Try to identify changes to the network or system configurations)