WM 2003 Device Connection to Terminal Services Client Fails after First Attempt

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WM 2003 Device Can Connect to Terminal Services Client on First Attempt, but Subsequent Attempts Fail The user connects to Terminal Services Client then logs off. On a subsequent attempt to reconnect through TSC, the connection times out before the username and password screen appears. An Error message stating “The terminal server ended the connection or a network error occurred. Please try to reconnect” appears.


Symbol devices running Windows Mobile 203

Root Cause

The registry on the device became corrupt. Microsoft is aware of this corruption issue.


Symbol has provided a work around with a new version of Terminal Services Client that will remove the corrupt registry key when the user logs out of the TSC session.
  1. Using ActiveSync, copy the TSC.exe application into the application folder on the device.
  2. Create a copy file to copy TSC.exe into any location preferred on the device (for example have the copy file place TSC.exe into the start menu on the device).
  3. Hard reset the device to get the copy file to take effect.
  4. Run the new version of TSC from the location specified in the copy file.
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MCD-00375.zip Download Files>> New version of Terminal Services Client

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