Xi4 or 105SL Plus Printer fails to stop after printing a label in Peel Mode

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Printer fails to stop or hold the label when in Peel Mode

Why does the printer keep printing. I have it set for peel mode but it doesn't hold the label.

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Xi4 Series 

105SL Plus


Note: Assure you have the printer and any driver/software configurations set for Peel Mode.

Printer may fail to function correctly in Peel Mode if there is a label blocking the Take Label (Peel) Sensors at power up or after error recovery. The Take Label Sensors are located above and below the media path at the front of the printer. See the Take Sensor here Read More>>

The printer performs a Take Label Sensor calibration when powered on or when recovering from an error such as Head Open. If a label is blocking the sensor path, the printer assumes there is no Peel Option Sensor installed and disables Peel operation.


To recover from this condition, open the printhead and remove any labels blocking the Take Label Sensor path. Close the printhead and press Pause. The printer will recalibrate the sensors and recover from the condition.

Another option is to change the Power Up and Error Recovery action to No Motion Read More>>

Contact Technical Support if this is not a workable solution for your application.


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