Using and Resetting the Zebra Printer Advanced Counter

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Topic or Information

Setting Printer Advanced Counters

Applies To

Zebra Tabletop Printers using the Advanced Counter


This solution is useful for

  • Configuring the advanced counter feature
  • Resetting counters
  • ZPL command for resetting and advancing counters

Symptoms addressed by this solution include

  • Unable to reset the counters listed on the configuration label


The Advanced Counter feature is used to keep track of how much media has passed through the printer.

  • There are three counters, two of which are re-settable, and one non re-settable counter. The counter values can be seen on the printer configuration label shown in 3 different measurements: number of labels, inches, and centimeters. The ZPL command ~RO can be used to reset the counters to zero.


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A cancel self test will print a single label which contains a listing of the current configuration parameters.

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